SpringAir specializes on the fragrances

The sense of smell is often underestimated, but it cannot be overlooked. A nicely aromatized room has a strong effect on the way we feel, the way we act and the way we think. Thus, causing a change in our mood.
Today it is approved that a scent of a nice aroma has a positive effect on our buying behaviors. For example music and colors affect the sense of hearing and sight so they are used in all commercial stores in order to increase sales.
On the other hand, even if it was missed for years, a fragrance affects positively a customer by influencing his olfaction. Moreover, as our long-term experience has shown, specific fragrances can boost the customer’s need to buy or to eat more or even to relax more.
Spring Air® specializes on the fragrances’ effects in relation to specific areas and particularly which fragrances have the best effects in commercial stores and all the other areas. Latest researches, which studied the effect of fragrances on a person’s mood, have proved that such fragrances affect directly the subconscious of a client, by awakening reminiscences, smells and sensations. As a result of the above, clients stay in that area for longer. At the same time it creates a sense of trust, security and familiarity in the area.