Platinum Reed Diffusers EN

Platinum Reed Diffusers
Platinum Line Reed Diffusers
An olfactory festival in the air

For centuries, philosophers and early scientists pursued alchemy - the process by which they could transform basic materials into valuable materials. Looking for a mood-enhancing luxury home fragrance and the philosophy of alchemy has led Spring Air to create the Platinum Line Reed Diffusers. Tailor luxury home fragrance to your daily routine by placing different unique two fragrances throughout your place. Not only do Platinum Line Reed Diffusers welcome and soothe; also double as ornaments for your shelf or desk. Whether you're partial to natural lava rock, metal or marble or love the simplicity of a colored glass bottle, or a luxury hunter, they are a combination of aesthetically pleasing options in one.
Heightening this unique sensory experience, Platinum line of desire is presented in boxes patterned especially with Spring Air’s iconic code. Reinterpreted and richened by the unique monograms. An invitation to celebrate and reinvent the art of giving to others or oneself.

Oud Wood, Whispers