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Luxury Reed Diffusers
Luxury Reed Diffusers
Set The Mood

Whatever ambience you wish to create you can just invite one of these little fellows into your place in order to truly set the mood. Reliable and refined, Spring Air® LUXURY RATTAN STICKS are the ideal aesthetic addition to any home, restaurant, office or any place.

A solution that blends style and satisfaction, which offers you the delicate and long-lasting fragrance. The scent is diffused through the rattan sticks plunged in the essential oils for the fragrance to be absorbed and diffused constantly.
The quality and the quantity of the fragrance are fundamental. Spring Air®uses for its products only accurately selected fragrances and in studied quantities to optimize its intensity. In this way the customer not only appreciates the fragrance during the purchase, but also enjoys a long lasting effect in his own space. In the range of Spring Air®HOME COLLECTION, LUXURY RATTAN STICKS is packed in its luxury bottle of 100 ml which will give the opportunity of continuous aromatization for 2 months.

Adorable, Blue Velvet, Hug Me, Breeze, White Orchid, Secret, Black Satin, Scandal, Serenity, Karma, Feelings