Scent Logo

Scent Logo
All marketers are familiar with the concept of a logo, a visual representation of a brand. Many big brands are so iconic, that exposure to them, even when they aren’t noticed, affects our behavior. For these large companies with their massive marketing budgets, it is fairly easy to expose large numbers of people to their logo and brand identity. As a result, their brand recall is close to 100% throughout a good part of the world.
But what about small and medium-sized companies? The average person is exposed to up to 5,000 ads a day.
How can you get customers to remember your brand with all this clutter? The surprising answer is through the sense of smell. The sense of smell is the only one of our five senses that is directly connected to the part of the brain that processes emotion, memory and associated learning.
In fact, you are 100 times more likely to remember something that you smell than something that you see, eat, hear or touch. Signature scents are developed as a part of brand communication in the field of scent marketing, with the primary function to create a unique emotional connection with the customer.
Let’s think about the personality of your brand: Is your brand reliable and trustworthy or edgy and fun? Is your brand relaxed or power charged?
Also think about your target market: Are they young, middle-aged or older? Predominantly male or female? Value or luxury buyers?
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These characteristics can be successfully matched with different fragrance elements to create a scent that embodies your brand characteristics. Once you have created your signature scent, also known as scent branding but we call it Scent Logo®, is a customized scent that embodies the brand’s unique characteristics. Much like a graphic logo, the Scent Logo® is used wherever the brand is present.
After repeated exposures to the logo, customers strongly associate the smell with the brand. People are bombarded by an average of 5,000 marketing messages a day, and scent is a big differentiator. Smell creates a powerful emotional response and can boost brand identity as well as customers’ loyalty.
How Scent Logo® is created? Tailoring a signature scent is a multi-stage creation, evaluation and decision-making process. For any brand looking to benefit from scent marketing and wants to have its own Scent Logo® must ensure that: a) ‘Omnia Scent Marketing’ methods are followed b) Suitable technology appliances are used
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The creation process of a signature scent begins with an active analysis-meeting to learn & fully capture the brand’s or company’s history, philosophy, vision, the characteristics of space, and moreover how the brand wants to communicate with the scent itself. In order to determine a brands ‘ideal scent’ we ask companies to carry out a creative brief, while providing them with the Scent Marketing Questionnaire. All scents have very different psychological effects on the human mind. For example lavender relaxes, while peppermint stimulates. Brands, therefore, need to determine exactly what they are trying to achieve with the scent that they decide to diffuse through their stores or areas as well as determine exactly what they want the scent to say about them. By looking at a brands’ target audience, color theme, values, identity and market position we put our experts to work to find ascent that compliments and enhances the brand message while ensuring that the scent contains the psychological components which are necessary to ensure that consumers are positively affected in the right way each time they visit a scented store or an area.
The ideal scent then becomes known and recognized as a company’s Scent Logo®, which means in basic, custom scent or branded scent which is as recognizable to consumers as their visual logo and slogan.
How Scent Logo® is applied? SPRING AIR® aiming always in the design and development of innovative products that will enhance every contemporary professional environment, presents you the newest technologies on the field and a complete solutions by all the tools about aromatizing.
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By the implementation of the Scent Logo® Project and creating a dedicated scent, specially designed for the brand, we achieve: 1. Brand awareness to the public. 2. Identification of the scent with the uniqueness of the brand. 3. Remarkable connection to the consumer, creating loyal fans and strong relationship of trust.
These effects of Scent Marketing in the essence of the brand, create a unique emotional relationship with each consumer and through the use of unique products the bond is even stronger.