With the newest technologies on the field and a unique library of 9.000 fragrances, Spring Air® holds a leading place worldwide in the field of fragrances’ production. Spring Air® has created 96 unique fragrances in 9 different lines which are inspired from Greek Nature.
The numerous varieties of perfumes include scents of citruses, fruits, plants, green sides and sea breezes. All these scents can easily awake our senses. Our daily activities become more enjoyable when they are discretely aromatized with unique scents and satisfy all customers’ needs. They are all approved by the National Greek Organization of Medicine and are produced under the strict procedures imposed by ISO 9001:2008.
Our company is currently producing 450 different perfumes on behalf of our clients under a Private Label service. Having developed a contemporary industry with highly equipped facilities, its own R&D and Laboratory departments and with well specialized scientific personnel, Spring Air® is in position to exclusively propose specially designed solutions for a series of customer needs. All these scents can easily awake our senses. Our every-day life becomes more fun when it is discretely aromatized with sweet scents.
Spring Air® has created 9 unique lines of fragrances that contain ethereal oils that derive from natural ingredients.
Aromatherapy Line

Creates feelings of calmness, creativity and energy

Delicatessen Line

Offers you a delightful journey to familiar and appetizing scents of satisfaction

Earth Line

Proposes you different emotions through a variety of fragrances emerging from natural earth sources

Exotic Fruits Line

Discover the ‘juicy’ power of fragrances through the “Exotic Fruits”

Flowers Line

Invites you to discover the power of flower scents

Fresh Line

Gives your space a unique combination of fresh sensations as a spring morning and leaves a smell of cleanliness like newly washed clothes.

Premium Line

Welcomes you to unveil the mystery of a “New World of Luxury”

Refreshing line

Takes you through a journey of freshness and rejuvenation with the magic combination of essential oils.

Reminiscent Line

Brings you back to tender and sweet memories