Platinum Candles EN

Platinum Candles
Platinum Line Candles
A blink of luxury in the air

Platinum Line Candles perfume interiors with irresistible gratitude, grace, and beauty. Attribute to Spring Air’s passion for heightening unique sensory experiences, these scents evoke nature and dawn, exalted by the morning dew. Its singular floral/woody imprints magnified by delicate notes of nature.
Heightening this unique sensory experience, Platinum line of desire is presented in boxes patterned especially with Spring Air’s iconic code. Reinterpreted and richened by the unique monograms. An invitation to celebrate and reinvent the art of giving to others or oneself.
Platinum Candles express all the elegance of noble notes and create a captivating atmosphere and diffuse a trail that is an olfactory translation of luxurious art of living.

Oud Wood, Whispers