Today - Scent Marketing

Today - Scent marketing
Every day and night of our lives we smell different notes of different essences, many of them go unnoticed, but they are there. Only when an essence pleases, triggers a warning, irritates or jogs a memory do we pause to take notice. Perhaps the most striking reaction to fragrances is in the realm of memories.
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Almost everyone has experienced a rush of emotion after encountering a certain scent. Images of baking bread, a new car, or even a first kiss, can all be brought to mind with one simple smell. We can forget the things we listen, we eat, we hear, we touch but, only even if we do not consider, we never forget the smell.
Scent Marketing provides not only fragrance feeling but brand awareness, product integration & sense effectiveness, behavior changes and profitable results. This type of marketing appeals to all the senses in relation to the brand.
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It uses the senses to relate with customers on an emotional level. A multi-sensory brand experience generates certain beliefs, feelings, thoughts and opinions, creating a brand image in the consumer’s mind. Not only the brand image, but also customer’s loyalty and accordingly with this high fidelity, an increase in sales can be achieved. For the right successful results, the must is strongly related with your partner if you can do the right applications.
Our strongest asset is the group of marketing experts and highly educated team of professionals, including perfumers. In combination with the know-how and the technologies, we offer real “scent marketing”, which we exclusively call Omnia Scent Marketing.
To create the right applications, the requirements mentioned below are necessary: 1. know first of all how the fragrances affect people and their behaviors. 2. have the library of fragrances to produce the final unique solutions. 3. keep the suitable different kinds of technologies and devices in accordance with the needs. 4. offer a professional service globally by well trained technical.
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It takes years to combine all these requirements, and this is why we differentiate and offer the Omnia Scent Marketing.