Spring Air Home Stand

An elegant, eye-catching, cost-effective and easy 'Shop-in-shop' solution where you can display all Spring Air Home Line Products.
SA POP Display Stand has been designed and produced according to your needs in order to:
  • Elevate brand awareness
  • Display all Home Line Products (Luxury Rattan Sticks, Luxury Soy Candles, Ultrascent Premium 200 ml.) samples* and fragrances
  • Suit all the kind of retail shops, stores, shopping malls, etc.
  • Offer flexibility to place our products
  • Optimize 'Customer Convenience'
  • Offer you easy transportation*
  • Increase yours and your customers' revenue
* Samples of Products and10 samples of Home Line Fragrances will give the possibility of seeing and testing the products without opening the packages.
* The display stand is made of a special, durable, light cartoon that offers easy transportation and low cost. (Fits 3 per pallet.)