Luxury Soya Candles EN

Luxury Soya Candles
Luxury Soya Candles
Light up all the places & make you smile

An instantaneous perfuming to create involving atmosphere through light and materials. Our scented LUXURY SOYA CANDLES will light up all the places and make you smile.

Comforting and uplifting way, in what we blend precious ingredients with pure functionality to truly improve anyone’s mood or any ambience.
Spring Air® Luxury Soya Candles are produced with high quality natural soya wax, combined with essential oils which offers you an incomparable experience through the chosen best-seller 10 fragrances in 230 ml luxury container.

Grapes, Pomegranate Delight, Cotton, Adorable, Lavender, Breeze, White Orchid, Secret, Blue Velvet, Black Satin, Scandal, Serenity, Karma