The Company

We strongly believe that; a fragrance is more than its aesthetic value and essence, it affects us in a way we have never thought about.
In 1950’s some people with extraordinary spirit wanted to make a difference, so a group of researchers was formed in order to investigate and further explore the unknown field of air fresheners. However, it was only 30 years later, when the production of Air Fresheners, Liquid, Gel and Spray began for the first time.
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With carefully planned and steady steps, Spring Air® has been established as a leading company that offers today worldwide, any solution about aromatizing such as appliances, services & products by the power of its own production plant in Greece.
History Spring Air® provides advanced technological techniques & exclusively designed signature fragrances in collaboration with world’s top perfumers. Corresponding to the dictates of the modern life, it entrepreneurially develops and evolves a particularly demanding sector that is related in many aspects of the human behavior. The group designs & develops pioneering aromatizing systems that respond to any project on demand.
The group was established; the first steps had been taken in providing complete solutions and coverage to professional areas in terms of both deodorizing and aromatizing.
A unique library of fragrances was created in group’s R&D laboratories, responding to customers’ needs.
A worldwide franchise network has been built, including Europe & Middle East.
Exclusively designed fragrances with customized essential oils have been designed reflecting several senses, such as East or Mediterranean notes.
Innovative appliances have been designed & produced, including technological devices & revolutionary practices.
Besides Professional solutions, Spring Air Home Line is launched.