Spring Air® provides advanced technological techniques and exclusively designed signature fragrances, in collaboration with the world’s top perfumers, that are created like “Olfactory Art pieces”, by basing on their neuroscientific effects.
With carefully planned and steady steps, Spring Air® has been established as a leading company that offers today worldwide, any solution about aromatizing such as appliances, services & products by the power of its own production plant in Greece. Our strongest asset is the group of experts, highly educated team of professionals, including perfumers, R&D Laboratory, in-house neuroscientist, production plant, know-how and the technologies we use in addition to our passion. With the newest technologies on the field and a unique library of 9.000 fragrances, Spring Air® holds a leading place worldwide in the field of fragrances’ production.
Our company is currently producing more than 600 different perfumes on behalf of our clients under a Private Label service. Having developed a contemporary industry with highly equipped facilities, its own R&D and Laboratory departments, and with well specialized scientific personnel, including perfumers and neuroscientist, Spring Air® is able to exclusively propose specially designed solutions for a series of customer needs. All these scents can easily awaken our senses, change our mood and offer us wellbeing and serenity. Your every-day life becomes more fun when it is discretely aromatized with our scents.
Spring Air® has created 96 unique fragrances in 9 different lines including 13 new premium fragrances and 5 new neuroscientifically created fragrances which are all inspired from Greek Nature.
Aromatherapy Line

Creëert gevoelens van kalmte, creativiteit en energie.

Delicatessen Line

Biedt je een heerlijke reis naar vertrouwde en aantrekkelijke geuren van tevredenheid.

Earth Line

Stelt je verschillende emoties voor met een verscheidenheid aan geuren die uit natuurlijke bronnen komen.

Exotic Fruits Line

Ontdek de 'sappige' kracht van geuren door 'Exotische vruchten'.

Flowers Line

Nodigt je uit om de kracht van bloemengeuren te ontdekken.

Fresh Line

Geeft je ruimte een unieke combinatie van frisse sensaties als een lentemorgen en laat een geur van frisheid achter zoals pas gewassen kleding.

Premium Line

Verwelkomt je om het mysterie van een "Nieuwe Wereld van Luxe" te onthullen

Refreshing line

Neemt je mee op een reis van frisheid en verjonging met de magische combinatie van etherische oliën.

Reminiscent Line

Brengt je terug naar zachte en zoete herinneringen.