Aero Diffusion Technology EN

Aero Diffusion Technology
The essence of the Aero Diffusion Technology®breakthrough is not only that it is a unique cold diffusion system but also the use of tiny droplets and the ability to produce them with consistent sizes and controllable quantities from both aqueous and non-aqueous liquids. The success and the power of Aero Diffusion Technology® is the size of its droplets which are created through cold diffusion system, proudly we can underline that we offer the smallest droplets in the market which give the fragrances the opportunity to stay longer in the air and travel farer by this specialty.

To deal with odors and create a pleasing ambience, it is no longer necessary to saturate a space with heavy concentrations of scent and environmentally unfriendly VOCs (volatile organic compounds).Aero Diffusion Technology® represents a genuine breakthrough in the use of liquids for air treatment applications including Odor Remediation, Ambient Scenting, Restroom Hygiene and Aromatherapy.