Boudoir DE

Pillow Mist 125 ml / 15 ml
Perfume your Dreams

“Boudoir pillow mist” contains precious mixture of distilled essential oils by a process that captures the highest concentration of plant’s benefits with proven well-being effectiveness, to calm feelings of stress, so it helps to sleep better and to get up refreshed for a productive, energy boosted day.
Featuring a premium allergens free scent to create a calming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being.
Boudoir Pillow Mist is available:
Packaging of 125 ml. for housekeeping use
Packaging of 15 ml. for customer use,

Both can be ordered with/without cartoon boxes. Spring Air also can provide you a special prepared card for “Pillow Mist 15 ml.” with a message that your hotel clients will be influenced. They can leave these cards that include one fragrance of their choice, on the pillows of their customers for their best wishes which will create a unique impression.

English Lavender , Cashmere , Lotus White Tea
Ultra Scent Premium 200ml
Perfume your Space

UltraScent Premium ist ein Produkt auf Äthanolbasis, das jeden Raum beduften kann, wenn es auf Stoffe, Bettwäsche, Teppiche usw. Aufgetragen wird.
Es hinterlässt keine Flecken und beeinflusst nicht die Stoffstruktur. Dies ermöglich seinen Einsatz auch nach dem Bügeln.

English Lavender , Cashmere , Lotus White Tea
Wardrobe Capsule by Infinity
Perfume your Wardrobe

It is ideal for your hotel customers for their best impression. But as well, ready to be sold to any customer easily including home stores, supermarkets, chain stores… etc.

English Lavender , Cashmere , Lotus White Tea