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Other Solutions
Odor Absorber
Neutralizing smoke & smells

SPRING AIR® has the ultimate solution on how to eliminate smoke thanks to ODOR ABSORBER®. It constitutes a European and International exclusivity.

ODOR ABSORBER® is aroma free. Because of its drastic composition, it neutralizes smoke and any unpleasant smells. Not only covers the problem but also makes it disappear.

How it works: It binds and then inactivates the molecules of smoke and any unpleasant smells. Leaves the area that is used in, with a freshness feeling.

ODOR ABSORBER® is preferred to be used on its own for better results

Odor Plus
Aromatizing Surfaces

Odor Plus is a water based, completely environmentally friendly product. Ideal for floor and all kind of surfaces. Available in 6 different fragrances in a bottle of 500ml with trigger or 5L Packaging. 

Vanilla, Pinacolada, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Pine, Wild Flower
Ultra Scent
Aromatize your clothes,carpets, curtains

Ultra Scent is an ethanol based product that can aromatize any place when applied on fabrics, textiles, sheets, including curtains, carpets, sofas, towels… etc.It doesn’t leave any stain or affect texture. That gives a big opportunity to be used after ironing as well. Available in 13 different fragrances in transparent PET bottle of 500ml with trigger or 5 LT packaging.

Vanilla, Pinacolada, Lavender, Blue Velvet, Breeze, Secret, Cotton, Soft, Sensitive Touch, Grapes, Adorable, Pomegranate Delight, Wild Flower
Xtra Inscect Free
Free from Flies and Mosquitoes

Thanks to EXTRA INSECT FREE® the environment is free from flies and mosquitoes. EXTRA INSECT FREE® is available in a Smart Air dispenser. This insecticide meets the safety requirements and it has been approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Foods.